Advent Devotionals

21 Mar

Christians have various holidays to celebrate based on their religious beliefs of Jesus Christ, and they always obey the rules which Jesus put on special holidays. Christmas is the most popular holiday which is celebrated every year across the world, and it symbolizes the day when the Jesus Christ was born. Advent is a special season for Christians, and it is celebrated before Christmas, and it is held by different churches to mean the Christ is coming. Advent is a Latin word which means coming, and it symbolizes coming of Jesus Christ, and Christians worship to prepare their minds and hearts that Jesus Christ is coming and we should also prepare ourselves for his second coming. This holiday focuses on spiritual matters rather than gifts and Christians will gather in the evening and have worship gathering and read the books chosen for the devotions to strengthen their spirituals being to prepare the birth of Jesus Christ as their lord.

Water From Rock lent devotional last for about four weeks, and it has specific colors to identify the season and the purple are used apart from the third week where the color is always pink. It comes four Sundays before the Christmas, and it can start at the end of November or early December depending on the type of the year. Advent devotionals are essential to Christian lives because their prayer lives deepen since they will joint worshiping services which will be held in every evening. In modern world, people does not recognize the advent because it happens the same time with the Christmas season. In reality, advent is very different from Christmas and Christians should ensure they follow the bible and celebrate it the as a different holiday from Christmas.

The Christians wait for the birth of the Jesus Christ, and the most devotional uses Old Testament teaching in advent devotionals which show that advent is not similar to Christmas. The other theme which is available in advent is the preparation of the second coming of the Jesus Christ, and this is the reason why scripture readings of advent devotions are about second coming of the Jesus Christ. Just like lent, advent includes fasting to give spiritual strength, and it is opposite of the Christmas season which is all about the festive season. For more facts and information about devotions, go to

Water from the rock is a ministry which provides spiritual growth Christians globally, and Christians can assess it in different countries and get information about different devotionals. Water from rock at provides advent devotionals every week which gives Christians schedule and scriptures in various advent weeks.

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